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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, Cathy, the moors…names and places famous worldwide, even to those who have never read the book. Now here’s your chance to star in a Brontë classic and highly regarded as one of the greatest works of fiction ever written.


Wuthering Heights is a grand and glorious novel that dramatically illustrates the power of love, for good and ill. But more importantly, it teaches us that the only path to happiness is to be true to one's heart, rather than one's head.  Take your place in the heart of this truly epic story that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

Recommended for any fan of classic literature, particularly the gothic era of the 19th century.

Book in Detail

The wild and mysterious moors of Yorkshire are the setting for a passionate connection between childhood friends Catherine and Heathcliff who despite having a deep affection for one another, are forced by circumstance and prejudice to live apart.

Heathcliff and Cathy first meet as children when her father, Mr. Earnshaw, brings the abandoned boy to live with them. When the old man dies several years later Cathy's brother, Hindley, now the master of the estate turns Heathcliff out forcing him to live with the servants and work as a stable boy. The barrier of class comes between them and she eventually marries a rich neighbour, Mr. Edgar Linton, at which point Heathcliff disappears. He returns several years later, now a rich man but little can be done.

Though they grow up and marry other people, theirs is a fierce love that cannot be tamed by the laws of society or cooled by the passage of time. Bronte's gothic tale explores the irresistible and dangerous nature of a love that knows no limits as it consumes the two people at its core.

Characters To Personalise
Heathcliff  - Catherine's love and the anti-hero of the story. The book essentially follows his story from first appearance as an orphan bought to live at Wuthering Heights to his death there. He is badly treated by Hindley and his love for Catherine; Mr Earnshaw’s daughter (which is more like a twin's than a lover's) becomes all enveloping. Because of her desire for social prominence, Catherine marries Edgar Linton instead of Heathcliff. Heathcliff’s humiliation and misery prompt him to spend most of the rest of his life seeking revenge on Hindley, his beloved Catherine, and their respective children (Hareton and young Catherine).

Catherine Earnshaw - Heathcliff's love and heroine of the story although she dies part of the way through the book. Her character, both alive and dead, haunts Heathcliff. She is free-spirited and beautiful, but can also be spiteful and arrogant. Growing up alongside Heathcliff, their love is more like that of twins than lovers, and she marries Edgar because of his position and breeding.
Known as Catherine Linton after her marriage. 

Cathy (Catherine) Linton - The daughter of Catherine and Edgar. Heathcliff hates her and plans his revenge around her. She inherits her mother's beauty and headstrong behaviour but Edgar and Ellen turn her into a gentler character. When she is taken to live with Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights, her treatment turns her into a reserved, unfriendly person until her growing friendship with Hareton brings out her former traits.

Known as Catherine Heathcliff after first marriage, and Catherine Earnshaw after second marriage.

Edgar Linton - Catherine's husband. His breeding and wealth attracted Catherine though Heathcliff was her true love. He is a spoiled, cowardly man although tender and loving to Catherine and his daughter. He is a contrast to Heathcliff both physically and spiritually.

Isabella Linton - Edgar Linton’s sister, who falls in love with Heathcliff and marries him. She sees Heathcliff as a romantic figure, like a character in a novel. Ultimately, she ruins her life by falling in love with him. He never returns her feelings and treats her as a mere tool in his quest for revenge on the Linton family.

Hindley Earnshaw- Hindley is Catherine's elder brother. He hates Heathcliff from the start because of his father's preference for the latter and treats him badly. After his father dies and he inherits the estate, Hindley begins to abuse the young Heathcliff, terminating his education and forcing him to work in the fields. When Hindley’s wife Frances dies shortly after giving birth to their son Hareton, he lapses into alcoholism and dissipation. Heathcliff gains his revenge by buying Wuthering Heights from him.


I own 15 of your personalised classics - if it wasn't for the fact I'd already bought some of the others from another site which I discovered first, I would own almost all of them. Although occasional errors appear, they are only occasional and don't affect the readability of the novel at all. I have been very impressed with the books that have been chosen to be personalised, as well as the personalisation itself. Although I answered no to the photo and audiobook, this is only because I dislike photos of myself and have a slight hearing difficulty. I can imagine they would be very popular. I am definitely in favour of the idea of more classics suitable to children - I have noticed that all classics appear in the Children section of your site and feel that while some such as The Railway Children, Black Beauty and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would be enjoyed by children, others are probably only suitable for older or more advanced readers. One great thing about personalised fiction is that it encourages people to read (I once wrote a personalised novella for girl who hated reading; she now has an A Level in English Literature - I think this shows how valuable personalised fiction can be, in addition to being a lot of fun) I think the children's classics would also be enjoyed by adults - a great novel is a great novel that can be enjoyed at any age and a lot of people enjoy going back to favourite books they loved as a child and probably dreamed about being part of.  Sophie

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