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Lyman Frank Baum

Born into a large family in New York, Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) grew up on a large and luxurious family estate. There, his interest in the printed word began early on as he and his brother published their own newspaper on a printing press that his father had purchased. Though he drifted a bit from job to job as an adult, writing was always part of Baum’s various enterprises, whether clerical or agricultural. In fact, his first published book was a non-fiction work on the raising and care of chickens. After marrying, Baum and his wife moved to South Dakota where he ran a general store and then began to write for a local newspaper. Only when Baum moved to Chicago in order to pursue his career as a writer for the Evening Post did he first begin to create the children’s stories for which he remains famous today. In 1900, he published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and with it, achieved instant fame and fortune. As early as 1902, his novel was adapted for the stage. Baum continued to write sequels to his beloved children’s classic, eventually completing thirteen different novels about Oz. Always in search of new directions, in his last years Baum followed his lifelong love of theater to Hollywood, where the film industry was just beginning to take root in the early 1910s. To this day, L. Frank Baum and his “Oz books” remain a familiar presence on bookshelves around the world.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - New Edition
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - New Edition
Heres your chance to follow the yellow brick road for yourself as you star in a beloved childhood classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The choice is yours as to whether you star as good girl Dorothy in your personalised version, or take on the role as the Wicked Witch of the West. Whichever you decide, you and your friends can star together as you face colorful characters, frightening villains, and the amazing landscapes that make up one of the most unusual and fascinating stories ever dreamed up. A timeless classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will delight, perplex, and stir the imagination.
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